Elisa Paloschi Photography - Sicily Tour

with Elisa Paloschi
May 10th to 21th, 2015 (FULL) (11 nights)

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At the center of the Mediterranean, but on the periphery of Europe lays the island of Sicily. With an exotic appeal that sets it apart from mainland Italy, Sicily has long been known as a "melting pot" of ancient cultures and peoples. Sixteen foreign dominations have touched, changed and marked the Sicilian soul.  First the Greeks and the Romans, then the Arabs and Normans, and finally, the French, Spanish and Italians, all of them contributing to an unparalleled historical legacy. The conquerors have left, not only an abundance of art, architecture and archaeological remains, but have transformed the landscape, fashioned the cultural eccentricities, influenced the mixed appearance of the inhabitants and shaped the social attitudes unique to Sicily and the Sicilians.

Tour Focus
The tour itinerary has been designed specifically for serious photographers; to ensure that our time is spent in the most photogenic areas.  Each region and specific place has been carefully chosen in order to explore the great photographic vastness diversity of the Sicilian culture, history, landscape and people.  We will photograph diverse places, such as coastal, and farmland areas, vineyards, cities and towns, markets and fishing ports, areas of architectural interest, small hidden villages, as well as cemeteries, junkyards and a forgotten ghost town.

While the tour must have a definite outline and format, a flexible itinerary may be adapted as required to accommodate for the unexpected opportunities, and the serendipitous twists, which often transpire during tours. Ultimately the emphasis throughout is on seeing, and the priority is to ensure good creative photography, providing an ample amount of time each day so participants will have the opportunity to explore without being rushed.

This tour is for anyone passionate about photography, from novice to experienced amateur or professional who want to expand their vision while discovering the Island’s social, cultural and geographical history through photography. This tour will provide an opportunity to meet with people who are totally immersed in photography.  Time spent as a group can be both a visual and an emotional journey and is conducive to exchanging ideas, sharing enthusiasms and refreshing creative energies.

About us
Elisa Paloschi is a Toronto based filmmaker and photographer who spends most of her time traveling far from the city, including a 10 year stint in Italy.  While living in Palermo, Elisa explored Sicily extensively and continues to do so with yearly visits to the place that feels more like home than anywhere else she knows.  She is fluent in Italian, has a deep understanding of the nuances of the southern culture and dialects and in particular knows when yes means no and that a green light does not always give you right of way.  Elisa has designed and led photography tours to Italy and India since 2005.

Sonia Ter Hovanessian, originally from the U.K. came to Italy ten years ago and has made a home for herself in this intriguing and beautiful country. To keep herself out of trouble she divides her time between playing, teaching music & photography as well as designing and guiding biking tours and photographic tours in Europe. These include: Street Photography in London for Italians, and Tours around Italy. www.soniaterhovanessian.com

Cost is based on six participants and includes surface travel while in Sicily, 11 nights accommodation based on double occupancy (single supplement available), 11 breakfasts, 1 dinner.

Not Included
Flights to Sicily, airport transfers, anything else that isn't mentioned here.


Palermo: 4 nights (hotel in the historic center)
Settled by the Phoenicians in the 8th century BC, Palermo today is a city where the contrasts are harsher, the beauty wilder, the passions more searing, and the landscape more breathtaking than any other city in Italy. Explore the Arab district La Kalsa, with its winding cobbled streets leading into a world of disparity, where laundry flutters in the wind above buildings bombed out during the second world war, and palaces of Palermo’s aristocracy line the Piazza Marina. Explore one of the many ancient city markets, where farmers and townsfolk mingle to the sounds of the vendors selling everything from spleen sandwiches to kitchen sinks. Discover Palermo’s Norman history, lush gardens, art nouveau buildings, bustling street life.

Noto: 3 nights (hotel in the historic center)
The town of Noto is much like an aristocratic grandmother, mature and dignified.  Like the towns of the entire region such as Ragusa, which we’ll visit, Noto buckled during the earthquake of 1693 and was completely destroyed. Major reconstruction resulted in the cities of this area being designed in the Baroque style. Ragusa and Noto are the most prized jewels of Sicilian Baroque. Stone filigree, menacing gargoyles, and wrought-iron wonders decorate the ornate buildings and churches.

Trapani: 4 nights (rural hotel on the salt pans)
Trapani is best known for the salt pans that hug its surrounding coast, and the busy port which carries people to far away places in Africa, northern Italy and the nearby Egadi Islands.  In the shadow of Monte Erice, and the medieval town that is perched upon it, Trapani has it’s own charms.  The city sits on a low-lying promontory and the narrow network of streets of the Moorish historic center makes the city of 70,000 feel much smaller and intimate. From here we will visit the Egadi Islands, Erice, Marsala, the Belice Valley.

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Please note that we may change some of the tour destinations.