with Elisa Paloschi
Jan. - Feb. 2016 (please enquire about dates)


The princely state of Rajasthan is one of the most photogenic locales in the entire world. Set in the midts of the Thar Desert the heritage and tradition of the Rajput era is ever present and alive today. This 17 day tour will explore places like Jaipur, the enchanting Pink City, the desert oasis and fort, Jaiselmer, during the desert festival, Jodhpur with its majestic palaces and glowing blue houses, and Udaipur, the romantic city where life bustles around itís lake. This is a land of nomads, desert dwellers and gypsies, as well as artisans, artists and merchants. From gold leafed buildings, to intricate stained glass work, to traditional block printing, in Rajasthan, art is everywhere. Forts and monuments, magnificent palaces and majestic temples define this beautiful state, as do the vibrant and bustling bazars, where cities, and specific streets are dedicated to defined trades. Tiny shops are filled with women making bangles over hot coals, or men, with perfectly waxed mustaches frying potato chips, and along the city streets roam tame goats, and playful children. Photographic opportunities abound from the intensely coloured turbans, to the intricate stone work, to the imposing architecture, to the beautiful and warm people living their lives on the streets. Youíll come alive with the intensity of the culture, and traveling with the group will inspire you to explore new ways of looking through your camera.

This tour is for anyone interested in photography, from novice to experienced amateur or professionals, who want to expand their vision, improve technical skills, and change the way they see. This tour will provide an opportunity to meet with people who are totally immersed in photography, exchange ideas and share enthusiasm with others involved in the medium. Time spent as a group can be a journey both visually and emotionally - a time for the soul to get away from the daily routines and refresh the creative energies.

Elisa is a Toronto based filmmaker and photographer who spends much of her time traveling far from the city.  Her most recent love is India, a place she has made 8 trips to in as many years.  She has taught photography in Mysore to help empower trafficked women and children and she is currently working on a documentary film about survivors of human trafficking. Her work is fuelled by an impetuous desire to partake in the stories that unfold around her and she is consistently drawn to a world of new relationships, new beginnings and most importantly, stories with a human face. She has been designing and leading photography tours since 2003.

Surface transportation from Jaipur return or to Dehli with extension
Breakfast each morning, All dinners except for 4, All lunches except for 4 (local cuisine)
Accomodation based on double occupancy, with single supplement available at an additional charge

airfare from your point of origin to India
meals where not specified
cancellation and medical insurance
transportation to and from the airport and transportation outside the scope of the organized tour event
anything else not listed on this page

additionl fee for less than 6 participants

Please contact Elisa to make a booking or for further information.